Tian Yuen Temple in Danshui (Tamsui) 淡水天元宮

Tian Yuen Temple is located in the northern part of Taipei, near the Tamsui district. It is best known for its cherry trees, which during the blossom season (that starts around the end of February) attracts hundreds of visitors.


If you have a bit of time left on your hands while visiting Taiwan, you should definitely pay this place a visit as this is an absolutely exceptional temple.

The most beautiful part of the complex is the 200-meter-tall pagoda dedicated to Taoist deities. The pagoda is composed of five levels, each containing figures of deities.

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During the cherry blossom season the place is packed with tourists, but in other times it gets quiet and contemplative.


The easiest way to get there is from MRT Danshui Station, take bus no. 866, 875, 876 or 877 and get off at the Tien Yuen Temple stop. The bus ride takes roughly 30 minutes, depending on the traffic situation. The temple is open from 10 am to 5 pm, but the surrounding grounds are open for visitors at all times.

I have seen many temples in Taiwan, but that place is unlike any other. Simply a must see.


2 thoughts on “Tian Yuen Temple in Danshui (Tamsui) 淡水天元宮

  1. Wygląda niesamowicie, żałuję, że zobaczyłam ten post z tak dużym opóźnieniem.
    no cóż, trzeba wrócić 😉

    • Post byl napisany z duzym opoznieniem… ;p zdjecia troche poprawiaja rzeczywistosc 😛 Anno koniecznie muszisz nas znowu odwiedzic, duzo rzeczy jeszcze do obczajenia. Czekamy z utesknieniem!

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