Tian Yuen Temple in Danshui (Tamsui) 淡水天元宮


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Tian Yuen Temple is located in the northern part of Taipei, near the Tamsui district. It is best known for its cherry trees, which during the blossom season (that starts around the end of February) attracts hundreds of visitors. If you … Continue reading

Osaka – eat, drink, shop and party town


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It is hard to appreciate Osaka after visiting Kyoto, especially if you are not into partying. The fact that I am vegetarian did not help either in developing warm feelings towards the city – finding vegetarian food was close to … Continue reading

Kyoto – as good as it gets


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Japan… What an amazing place! Everything I have been told at various business schools over the years about Japanese xenophobic culture and how distant and unfriendly Japanese are is a bunch of utter bull crap!! But let’s start from the … Continue reading